sLocal Team – Destination Nashville

As Nashville’s most experienced local team, Destination Nashville boasts 28 full time local staff, and over 200 part time “boots on the ground” who live and play here!  With so many people moving to Nashville daily, it’s rare to find a native Nashvillian. However, Destination Nashville has 5 of these “unicorns” on the team, and almost half of the team have lived in Nashville for 10 years or more!

What does this mean for you? Our staff lives and breathes the Nashville experience every day, and our authenticity will ensure your guests have the best experience Nashville has to offer! Our all local sales, operations and creative team members will work hand in hand connecting you to everything you will need for a successful program. As your direct connection to the city’s hotels, venues and experiences, Destination Nashville’s expertise will ensure the best service and execution!


Jackie Marko

Rhonda Marko

Carol Norfleet

Rita Davidson

Debbie Sales

Margot Clark


Tanya Cook

Shannon Bates

Dana Patel

Katie Morris

Kiersten Olson

Priscilla Glick

Rae Neidhart


Kristi Cline

Gretchen Smith

Amy Nathanson

Kayla Darks


Kayla Hadley

Mary Daugherty

Samantha Reardon

Hannah Holladay

Megan Leander

Ansley Hampton

Jessica Stepp

Harry Lemont


Karen Davis

Monica Eastes